Controlled Release Fertilizer:
Horti-Cote® Plus

Controlled Release Fertilizer for Container Grown crops and ornamentals

Horticote-Cote Plus is an ideal N+P+K+MgO+Te resin coated base fertilizer. 
All major nutrients and trace elements (Te) are coated in each granule. The resin coating ensures continuous release of nutrients throughout the entire growing season. The release is related to soil or substrate temperature and is in line with the nutrition demands of the crop. The release does not depend on the pH of the soil or substrate, or even the amount of irrigation water but only on temperature.

Due to gradual release of the nutrients there is no high build up of salts in the container, hence low EC in the container, resulting in better uptake of the nutrients by the plant without any possibility of root burns. There are no drops or peaks in the release of the nutrients, therefore the plants are less susceptible to stress and hidden hunger.
Due to the coating, the loss of fertilizers as a result of leaching is minimal. This reduces the general amount of fertilizers needed per ha by up to 50%. This reduction in fertilizer usage also addresses the environmental concerns of pollution in run-off water.

Additional fertigation with water soluble fertilizers might be necessary to steer the crop.

Available Analyses

Tips & Recommendations

  • Suitable for hand and machine application
  • Urea is coated-hand application possible without gloves
  • Consider root development when applying Horti-Cote