Water Soluble Fertilizer:
Granusol® WSF

Water soluble fertilizer for drip- and overhead irrigation

Granusol is a water soluble N+P+K+MgO+Te fertilizer for drip- and overhead irrigation of container grown plants made from the purest and highly soluble materials for optimum plant growth in pumice or another medium. The flexible range of formulations adapted to crop growth stages ensures that the plants will receive the correct elements needed at each growth stage.

The NPK ratios are well balanced to ensure optimal uptake by the plants through drip irrigation and overhead irrigation. 100% Solubility with little agitation needed. Ideal for drip irrigation. Granusol can be applied even at plant maturity stage without fear of residual product effect.Granusol is suitable for all vegetative and fruiting crops at all stages as it provides a choice of product analyses for each growing stage. Thanks to the MV10 nutrients are immediately available and quickly absorbed. It contains no chlorides.

Available Analyses