Controlled Release Fertilizer

Controlled release Fertilizer

Our specialization is controlled release fertilizers (CRF). These fertilizers are produced by means of an environmentally friendly coating technology. The CRF comes with coated homogenous compound NPK with added magnesium, calcium and trace elements; and coated urea, coated NP, coated NK and coated K-Mag. 

The uniqueness of our coating technology is its reliability, predictability and consistency in controlling the release of it’s coated nutrients in every batch of the production. The release of nutrients is triggered by moisture in the soil and its nutrient release rates controlled by soil temperature.

By using our Fertikote (CRF), our growers are getting higher yield and better crop quality with uniform growth.

Can't find the specific formula you're looking for?

No worries! Our team specializes in customizing formulas to perfectly match your crop’s needs. Reach out to one of our dedicated sales representatives for more information.

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