Fertilizer application by plane

Fertilizer application by plane, the so called aerial top dressing or crop dusting, can be very efficient way when it comes to large fields for instance in the wheat or maize production. The challenge so far had been the need use a highly soluble fertilizer that mixes well with disease or pest control products. Any undesired interaction could result in the necesity to clean the tank of remaining un-dissolved fertilizers or to clear the spay nozzles.

Granusol completely dissolves above a temperature of 8°C (the maximum of 8 kg per 100 litres must be respected) and mixes well with fungicides, herbicides and other chemicals. This makes it ideal for spraying by plane as it produces a fine mist up to the last application. The better solubility at low temperatures allows more flights per day as tanks and nozzles need not to be cleaned in between flights.