Controlled Release Fertilizer:
Field-Cote® CRF

Smart basic controlled release fertilizer for open field cultivation

Field-Cote is an N+P+K+MgO+Te (trace elements) resin coated fertilizer. The resin coating ensures continuous release of nutrients throughout the entire growing season. The release is related to soil temperature and is in line with the nutritional demands of the crop. There are no drops or peaks in the release of nutrients therefore the plants are less susceptible to stress and hidden hunger.

All analyses contain the needed trace elements. Field-Cote is used as a basic fertilizer that can cover up to 96% of the crop’s fertilizer requirements, therefore keeping the need to use extra fertigation to a minimum.

Due to the coating, the loss of fertilizers through leaching and volatilization is very low. Hence it reduces the general application rates per ha by up to 50% in certain crops and soil types and addresses the environmental concerns of underground water pollution.

In comparison to standard traditional fertilizers, Field-Cote results in higher yields per ha and reduces labour costs through smart one-off application. Field-Cote is available in various longevities (eg 4 months = 4M).

Available Analyses

Tips & Recommendations

  • Suitable for hand and machine application
  • Urea is coated – hand application possible without gloves
  • Field-Cote is root development friendly (low EC)