Organic fertilizer


Range of organic liquid fertilizers specially designed for precision fertilization in greenhouse agriculture, tree nurseries and fruit cultivation. Raw materials of 100% organic origin such as fermented plant extracts and enzymatically hydrolysed animal proteins. All FONTANA fertilizers are allowed to be used in organic agriculture (EU 2021/1165 and EU 2018/848).


ORGEVIT excels as a versatile base fertilizer for a variety of crops. Its notable strengths lie in a rich concentration of stable organic matter, promoting robust crop growth, and an appealing price/quality ratio. This unique blend not only enhances performance but also prioritizes soil health and sustainability.


Experience the full spectrum of fertilizers approved for organic agriculture, compliant with EU regulations 2021/1165 and 2018/848. This comprehensive range encompasses a variety of formulations, spanning basic to enriched fertilizers, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of organic farming. From essential nutrients to specialized compositions, this approved selection ensures that farmers have access to a versatile toolkit for cultivating organic crops sustainably.


Unlock the potential of organo-mineral fertilizers crafted through the harmonious blend of organic raw materials and essential mineral nutrients. This innovative range, designed for precision fertilization of crops, stands out for its high concentration. The meticulous combination of organic and mineral components results in a potent formula that caters to the specific nutritional requirements of crops. 

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