Our product range

Controlled Release Fertilizer

Discover Fertikote® CRF: precision in every pellet. Our coated NPK with added elements ensures reliable nutrient release, optimizing crop yield and quality. Consistent growth made simple.


Discover Folimax: Precision foliar nutrition for all stages. Ideal for crops, purity with low-biuret urea, 100% chelated trace elements. Water-soluble, anti-caking and low EC value. Unleash Growth with Folimax.

Water Soluble Fertilizer

Introducing Water Soluble Fertilizers: Ideal for Turf & Amenity areas, enhances root uptake for stress-resistant turf. An economical fertigation solution, air-conditioned, vacuum-packed, and 100% water-soluble. Elevate your greens!

Organic Fertilizer

Introducing OrganicHarvest Fertilizers: Precision organic liquid blends for greenhouse, nurseries, and fruit cultivation. Compliant with EU organic regulations, our versatile lineup prioritizes soil health, sustainability, and robust crop growth. Unlock organic growth with us.


Discover Micro-Elements: Efficient micronutrients for crops. Dust-free formulations prevent deficiencies. Comb Micronutrients with potassium, sodium-free, highly soluble—ensuring robust crop development.

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