Slow release or Controlled Release Fertilizer?

Slow release or Controlled release Fertilizers?

Controlled release fertilizers (CRF) as well as slow release fertilizers (SRF) supply nutrients to the plant gradually. Often the term CRF and SRF are mixed. Although the gradual way of releasing is comparable, there are some key differences that need to be taken into account when talking about slow release fertilizers versus controlled release fertilizers.Think of the technology they use, the way the release is controlled and the release mechanism, to name a few. 

Controlled Release Fertilizers 
Fertilizers such as Fertikote® apply a polymer coating. The coating process and technology – which in case of Fertikote® is the newest on the market – applies a vegetable oil as main component. The nutrients are released into the soil by means of diffusion. In general, longevities of controlled release fertilizers are longer than slow release fertilizers. Typically 2 to 18 months, if we talk about Livatty’s CRF. The Fertikote® coating only responds to soil temperature. This determines the speed with which nutrients are released. Products can be 100% coated, although less is also possible.

Slow Release Fertilizers
Slow release fertilizers release the nutrients at a slower pace than conventional fertilizers do. The limitation is that the release (and rate and pattern) is not well controlled and influenced by some additional factors like microbial activity, pH, organic matter and moisture.

In conclusion, while both CRFs and SRFs release nutrients gradually, CRFs employ specific coating technologies with more controlled mechanisms and longer longevities. SRFs, including SCU, PSCU, IBDU, and MU, exhibit slower releases influenced by various environmental factors, and their classification may not strictly fall under controlled release fertilizers due to specific characteristics. Understanding these distinctions is vital for informed agricultural practices.

By using our Fertikote® (CRF), our growers are getting higher yield and better crop quality with uniform growth.

CRF in a nutshell

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