Turf & Amenities

In the Turf & Amenities segment we concentrate on grass of various types. Livatty offers a comprehensive product line with different fertilizer technologies to keep your parks, sport pitches and golf courses green and strong through professional care.

Controlled Release Fertilizers

Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF) contain all the necessary major nutrients and trace elements combined in resin coated granules.
Products available: Granu-Cote® CRF and Granupermanent® CRF

Slow Release Fertilizer

Slow Release Fertilizer (SRF) N+P+K fertilizer is ideal for sports grounds, tees and fairways.
Products available: Granusport® SRF and Granupermanent® SRF

Water Soluble Fertilizer

Water Soluble Fertilizer (WSF) is a combination of nutrients for central irrigation systems or portable fertigation units.
Product available: Granusol® WSF

Foliar Spray

Foliar Sprays offer the possibility to efficiently steer and support the crop in times of special needs and are available in High Nitrogen (N), High Phosphorus (P) and High Potassium (K).

Product available: Granusol® WSF