Controlled Release Fertilizer:
Granucote® CRF

Controlled release N+P+K fertilizer for grass varieties

Available with Magnesium (Mg), Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn). As temperature determines the speed of growth of a plant and the Granucote’s release of nutrients is regulated by temperature, plant growth and release of nutrients show simultaneous highs and lows.

Due to the resin coating, the loss of fertilizers through leaching and volatilization is very low. Hence it reduces the general application rates per ha drastically and addresses the environmental concerns of underground water pollution while keeping the grass’ colour an even green. Ideal for sports fields and fairways.

Urea is resin coated as well, ensuring continuous release during the entire longevity of the product. P and K are 100% water-soluble so that the grass can make optimal use of these nutrients.
 Various analyses are available in different longevities. Please see a selection below. The high-K analysis contains Manganese (Mn) to reinforce the Potassium absorption and increase the drought resistance.

Available Analyses