Foliar Spray:
Granusol® WSF

Water soluble fertilizer for Foliar Spray

Granusol is a water soluble N+P+K+MgO+Te fertilizer made from the purest and highly soluble materials and can be applied to all kinds of grass. The flexible range of formulations ensures the plants will receive the correct elements needed.
The NPK ratios are well balances to ensure optimal uptake by the plants leaves through foliar application.

As a foliar feed Granusol is fast acting and the effect is visible within a few days after application. 100% Solubility with little agitation needed, even at low temperatures. Granusol can be applied without fear of residual product effect or risk of scorching. Nutrients are immediately available and quickly absorbed thanks to the MV10. Granusol is highly concentrated, meaning that only small quantities per ha are recommended for foliar spraying.

Granusol mixes well and easily with original control chemicals (fungicides and insecticides). Small compatibility trials are however recommended before commercial application. Ideal for application by aircraft. It contains Micro elements that are chelated using the latest innovation in chelating technology for optimal uptake through the leaf system. Granusol is suitable for all grass and turf varieties as it provides a choice of product analyses for each growing stage. It contains no Chlorides.

Available Analyses